Seven Senses Mission & Vision

Products from Semi-Precious Stones

The mission of Seven Senses is to inspire life through the senses, offering healthy cosmetic products that facilitate the exploration and connection to all our senses.
The vision of Seven Senses is to propose to bring to the fore the experience of life through the senses. We understand that every substance, color and emotion emits a unique vibrational frequency, just like stones. By combining these elements, a vibrational field is created in which our interactions and lives are transformed. By using our products, you will experience a deep connection and learn to create your own vibrational field, thus changing the experiences and perspectives in your life.

The Secret to Healing the Skin: The Therapeutic Power of Stones

Mineral Magic for Perfect Skin!

Minerals are the source of vitality and skin balance. They are present in nature in soil, water and rock, but also in the human body. Trace elements, those minor chemical elements, play a crucial role in human biological mechanisms, contributing significantly to personal health.
In order to keep the skin healthy and balanced, the external intake of trace elements is essential. Oligotherapy, a remarkable therapeutic approach, consists in the administration of small doses of mineral substances to stimulate the metabolism and protect the skin against aggressions.
Discover now the secret of healing your skin! Therapy with extract of semi-precious stones and essential beliefs, the innovative range of cosmetic products, brings the healing power of stones directly to your skin. Through their antioxidant, photoprotective and skin degradation prevention action, the trace elements in Stonetherapy offer you a radiant and healthy skin.
Release your beauty potential with the help of mineral magic! Choose the therapy with extract of semi-precious stones and essential beliefs to rediscover your inner glow and get a perfect skin.

The Art of Caring with Seven Senses Cosmetic Products.
The Ideal Choice for the Beauty and Health of Your Skin!

From beauty enthusiasts to those who appreciate moments of personal pampering, Seven Senses cosmetic products were created with you in mind. Each formula harmoniously combines extracts from precious stones and the latest technology to offer you a lush experience and visible results.
You will feel embraced by the delicate aromas and refined textures, and the top quality ingredients will deeply pamper your skin. Regardless of whether you want to energize your skin, restore its glow or give it intense hydration, Seven Senses products will give you the desired results.
Come and experience the supreme pleasure of personal care with Seven Senses cosmetic products. Turn your beauty routine into an exciting sensory journey and enjoy the spectacular results. Once you have lived this experience, you will feel the irresistible desire to fall in love with our products and to always have them close by.
Choose Seven Senses to fulfill your beauty wishes and add more refinement and luxury to your life!